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Wheelie skips can accept most residential and light commercial waste items including green waste such as branches and garden clippings, general waste such as paper, clothes, cardboard, old clothes and toys, and general household waste.

We service homes and businesses throughout the Sunshine Coast.

Wheelie Skips are an environmentally responsible company who always adhere to appropriate waste disposal methods.

For your convenience, we have listed below items that are acceptable. We have also listed below some of the prohibited wastes that are not to be placed in wheelie skips. Please check the below list carefully before filling your wheelie skip. If unsure of waste do’s and don’ts, please check with our experienced team.

If you have any of the prohibited items for disposal do not place in the wheelie skip, contact our team as they may be able to assist with disposal of the items.

Please note that Wheelie Skips have weight limits and can accept up to 500 kgs of contents. Overloaded skips may incur an additional fee.

Waste TypeWhat you can put inWhat you can’t put in
General WasteHousehold waste (odds and ends, appliances, furniture, rubbish, garden waste), office waste, light construction waste (wood, gyprock, metal), plastic items, cardboard, glass, metal and 1 wheelbarrows of Heavy Waste items.Liquids, tyres, batteries, asbestos, gas bottles, mattresses, explosive items and more than 1 wheelbarrow of Heavy Waste items.
Green WasteGarden waste only. Branches, leaves, grass and clippingsTree trunks over 20cm in diameter or stumps over 30cm in diameter.
Building WasteTimber, Plaster Board, Kitchen Demolitions, Bathroom Demolitions, Metal off cutsMore than 1 wheelbarrow of Bricks, Rubble, Sand, Soil, Dirt, Rocks, Concrete
Heavy WasteUp to 1 wheelbarrow of concrete, bricks, soil, sand, rock, tiles, paversMore than 1 wheelbarrow of concrete, bricks, soil, sand, rocks, tiles and pavers

Our wheelie skips accept a huge range of residential and light commercial waste and are competitively priced, convenient, fuss-free, and designed to make your life easier.

Our experienced staff will answer any queries you may have concerning allowable as well as non-allowable waste, and any other questions you may have.

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